Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We've moved!

Hey Everyone!
I want to thank the few of you who have come to read this blog since the very beginning. You've watched me transform my business from old to new, and now it's time for a new home! From now on, please visit for regular posts and updates. Unfortunately there is no way for my to redirect the page.
Thanks for sticking with me!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Beautiful Baby Shower

flowers by Sincerely, Ginger Weddings & Events

On Sunday I was given a beautiful baby shower for Little Mo by my dear friend Renee. I had the pleasure of planning her and Seth's wedding in September, how time flies! I am so thankful for the friendships that develop with my clients. She is so wonderful and it was such a perfect day to celebrate this sweet baby. Because Renee knows me so well, she let me do much of the designing and all of the floral design. Unfortunately I didn't get many photos of the whole day, but I did snap this photo of one of the centerpieces I made for the table. I love the combination of pink tulips, alstro, eucalyptus and wild greens. Sorry baby boy, mama loves pink!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Excitement is Building

Good morning, friends! This morning isn't spectacular, but I have a really good feeling in my gut. It could be the giant cinnamon roll I just polished off mingling with two cups of coffee, but I have a feeling it's something more. Time is moving. Good things are coming. The end and the beginning are getting closer. I sort of feel like I used to feel before big dance competitions. We spent months preparing; practicing every step over and over. The few weeks before I would set out my costume, line up my accessories, make sure my caboodle was all packed and mentally rehearse to make sure everything was going to be just perfect. When the weekend finally came to perform, I was ready!
I've been feeling a similar excitement brewing lately, but in a bigger way than when I was younger. I'm not going to lie, the past few weeks haven't been a cake walk. I've been tired and felt hopeless much of the time. We've been through the longest Michigan winter ever and I thought spring would never arrive. I've done my best to prepare for the baby and the big career transition that's coming up in spite of it all, but now we're getting down to the wire and even though I have so much left to do I am so excited.

simply perfect.
So I'm going to spend a moment focusing on gratitude. Today I am grateful for anticipation... specifically these ten things.
  1. Isaiah's extended family is coming into town today, meaning lots of laughs and good food.
  2. Meeting new friends. I have so many coffee and dinner dates with some fun ladies in town and I couldn't be more thrilled! One of my big prayers for the year was that motherhood would bring more women into my life who are passionate about similar things. I am grateful!
  3. We opted out of our childbirth education class on Saturday (more on this later) to spend time with each other preparing for the birth of our son. Feeling so peaceful about this decision.
  4. One more month of work. May 31st is my last day and I am giddy with excitement.
  5. All of my doctor's appointments are scheduled until the baby is born, and we have a surprise ultrasound on Monday! Thankful for a healthy baby and that time is moving along. Last night Isaiah asked if he thought it would go fast and I said "the days will be slow and the weeks will be fast" He said, "You sound like a wise person". Haha, maybe I just AM wise. :)
  6. My in-laws are visiting next weekend and I love when they come to town. We're going to knock out some good projects and finally have some quality time together. My MIL and I are going to cook a bunch of food to freeze post-partum and the boys are going to paint and build office furniture. Yay!
  7. Amy & John's wedding is coming up in May, and we've been having so much fun preparing! I can't wait to see everything come together after almost a year of planning. Those two are the sweetest and deserve the most phenomenal day.
  8. Two spa days within the next month. Enough said. 
  9. My office is getting really close to being done. Finishing building the shelf and I'll spend the last part of May organizing. My fave! Hoping to paint this weekend. Also, I've had such a steady increase in inquiries for fall 2013 and 2014 weddings. Feeling so happy and blessed that my business is growing authentically and my patience is paying off.
  10. I'm going to birth a baby sometime in the next 4-8 weeks. And finally, finally meet my son. The anticipation of this alone is driving me wild. Oh baby, this is going to be fun.
What are you thankful for today?